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Gary and Michele

“The name means something to us and it means something to the community.” - Gary Hitson

A little past the roundabout on East Broadway is an unassuming tan building with a lot of Blount County history. The Hitson sign with its vintage script, the small but convenient parking lot, the inviting foyer flanked with local and national awards - it’s all easy to miss if you’re not looking. However, the people of Blount County know all about Hitson Insurance. One can’t be in the community for this long and go unnoticed.

The story of Hitson Insurance begins in 1939 with M.C. Hitson, Gary’s grandfather, who was the first local agent for a national insurance company in Maryville. His son, Charles, Gary’s father, was also an agent for another national insurance company in town and retired in 1985. Both men established themselves as reputable agents in Blount County, and even though neither M.C. nor Charles founded the Hitson Insurance that exists today, by the late-70s the template for Gary’s future had been adequately designed.

“People think my dad and grandad passed down to me this huge asset but they didn’t. What they really gave me was their good name.” - Gary Hitson

In 1979, after a slew of other paths had reached their ends, Gary decided to draw from his grandfather’s and father’s example and take a stab at selling insurance. As it turned out, he had a knack for it and, to his own surprise, he enjoyed it. After working out of his house for a year and building a sturdy client list, Gary rented office space on Ellis Avenue and later on the corner of Broadway and Washington. Seven years ago, Hitson Insurance was moved to its current location on East Broadway.

Hitson Insurance has seen many years of upward swing and Gary insists that’s because he and his team keep to the core principles of running a business: answer phone calls the same day, be on time for appointments, and believe in the products being sold.

Old fashioned? Sure, but it works.

Hitson Insurance Agency is a BBB Accredited Insurance Company in Maryville, TN


214 Ellis Ave
Maryville, TN 37804

(865) 983-8114

Business Hours:
9a–5p M-F

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